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Forbidden Desires

September 10, 2019

wow wow wow!! This book is off-the charts Smoking Hot and so damn taboo that I fell for the blurb and this book lived up to all the set expectations. It was a mix of everything I absolutely love - HOT Sex, taboo relationships, irresistible, undeniable attraction together with some romantic suspense and also anther guy thrown in the loop (who happens to be Owen's son!) to make it a love triangle. Jamie has truly outdone herself with this smartly written love story which is taboo and yet doesn't even feel cringy or wrong anytime. 
Owen is the kind of hero I tend to fall hard for. Always brooding, super possessive, over-protective, dominant and such a jackass at times, trying to resist the very obvious 'love'. He had his reasons for sure, but at times I did feel he over-reacts and his words can be really mean and harsh. I figure he is supposed to be that way and given his character curve, it makes sense, and despite all that, I still LOVE him. Savannah is a perfect match for him in everything - she takes his dominance in her stride and give shim the control that he years for and yet opens herself up to him and sees all faces of him. Their love is truly mesmerizing and the alternate chapters of the past throws light on it. At first I was a little skeptical of the 'past' chapters, but later I understood that it's main purpose is to draw out the blossoming love between the two and portray is something 'more' and 'deeper' than just sex and it served the purpose. I did feel that it distracted us from the present story at times, but not enough to take away the 'charm' of the story. 
Then we have Ethan - Owen's very own son, who instantly develops a liking for Savannah unaware of the relation between her and dad (he's not in good terms with). Again, Ethan and Savannah did make a nice pair, but I'm always shipping her with Owen. Though Ethan is nice and charming, it's his dad that has won my heart. Savannah's mom is a piece of work, and such a horrible, vile woman. It's her ruthlessness and absence of love for her daughter that makes Savannah's bond with Owen true and real in my eyes. 
But there is more to this twisted story than meets the eye. There are quite a few twists and OMG moments that fits well with the overall story and the author has ensured that there are no loose ends. Given how enticing the story and characters were, it would have even better it were made into two books. I would have loved to read more about these characters! Overall it was a fantastic read. Can't wait to read more form this author.


5 + Stars to this incredible taboo romance. 


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