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Review Of Filthy Vows by Alessandra Torre

July 23, 2019

This was a refreshing read. Alessandra Torre has always ventured into writing something diff, unique, trudging into uncharted waters and she has always successfully and almost effortlessly making us connect with the characters as well as the storyline. This book is no different. It's a very interesting storyline and she has beautifully weaved it into a story of a normal married couple. And in its simplicity lies it's beauty. 
When I first started with the first chapter, I believed that the book will cover the story of reaching up to that point and would continue from there. But it stops at the story reaching that point and that left me disappointed because I was desperate to learn what happens after and the consequences and repercussions of the same. That was the actual juicy part I was looking forward to but sadly this book doesn't touch upon that and though in a sense it can be read as a standalone, it doesn't 'complete' the story of Elle and Easton and we are not sure what it means to Aaron either..so at least for me, it works much better as a series with this being the first book if a duet perhaps?
The tittle is very fitting to how this story progresses. And the way it unfolds is also very realistic and relatable. What really works for this story is how easy relatable Elle and Easton are as a couple. They are like any of us, with the usual petty fights, not too much money. They love one another a lot but hardships in marriage has started to affect their lives and it's shown in certain subtle ways that any married couple are bound to feel and experience at one point in time or the other. But what I loved the most about this couple is how easily they communicate with another, without keeping any secrets and laying it all out on the table. And I loved Chelsea and even Aaron's roles as close friends to the couple.Chelsea's scenes were a joy to read, and many of them had me ROFL. I do wish Aaron's role was explored more considering he was the third M in the MFM relation they eventually arrive at, but then again it's left to the author of she wishes to keep it as him or it's bound to change, depending on the arrangement they settle for. All In all, it touched upon a long of topics and did justice with them - especially their professional life and how they had to cut on their luxuries owing to depleting money and how it affected their life choices. 
I would go with four stars with this out if the box and different story, waiting for the next book :)


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