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Review Of The Odyssey Duet

July 12, 2019

What a beautifully woven love story. I am speechless, quite literally and I have absolutely no words to describe just how romantic, tragic and angst filled this series was! Hands down for me, it's one of the top three books of the yeah for me. Ahhh..my heart is so full right now, brimming with so so much love for this epic love story between Leo and Troy!! 
I don't honestly know where to start. This review will be more like a review for the whole series as I immediately jumped to the second book as soon as I was done with the first. But I have urge to review Fall Of Troy as well, and I will once I am done with this. 
Full stars for the writing - It was phenomenal and so deep, lyrical, mystical. It touched me so much that I quite literally dived into the pages of the story, feeling every single emotion that Troy felt and experienced. I am running short of words to describe just how amazingly well this story was written and given the tone and depth of the story, the writing was perfect and did complete justice especially with how so many analogies were used to express grief, angst and the love-loath relation shared between Leo and Troy.
Story - Though it was a play on the teacher-student trope, this was unique on many grounds. Firstly - both their pasts were unique and quite detrimental in how the story plays out. I especially loved how these two connected to one another though pure lust, longing and hatred and how it transformed into such a deep, pure, real love. And the whole arc in Paris and how they reunite under similar yet different circumstances is also a nice spin. What truly makes this story stand out from the other lot is the settings (him being her art teacher, struggling to get inspired again and Troy running from her past and trying to start afresh) and the characters. Troy and Leo are the best characters I have across in a very long time that I can truly connect with and love at the same time! They make this story all the more special and amazing.

Talking specifically about the characters - Troy was a strong and a very interesting character. I loved everything about her - her guts, Daredevil attitude and how she never lets her love and lust for her professor never bring her down, and goes for what she wants without a care in the world! I can connect with her on so many grounds?
Leo complimented her so beautifully. He was intriguing and exactly the kind of guy I would easily fall for too! He was very cold and rough in the beginning but once Troy started to peel always his hard layers, I loved the guy who emerged from underneath it all. I especially admired how passionately and intensely he loved her and how he made her as his muse. That was the best part of this story for me. And when they got together - I was fanning myself. It was smoking hot! Their chemistry was on a different league altogether! undoubtedly one of the best couples of the years for sure. These two are just made for each other.
Specific to this book I liked how new characters like Emerett and Bridgette were introduced and how they contributed to the story, making it all the more suspenseful and interesting. I did have a small problem with Amelia's character and how she was so easily painted as the ultimate villain to ensure everything gets tied up together nicely at the end. It's still practically possible (the way everything plus out) but it still felt rushed a little too convenient for me - especially the characters actions towards the end. I would have loved it even more if the struggles were internal rather than 'external' but given the very title of the book is 'Judgement of Paris', it makes sense. 
Overall I completely immersed myself in this story and enjoyed every moment and every single chapter! The author is new for me but starting now, I proclaim myself as one of her biggest fans! I will surely be catching up on her other books too :)


5 dazzling, sexy, angst filled stars for this duet. 


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