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Review Of Obsessed

July 1, 2019

 I didn't have my bar of expectations too high while diving into this one, as I wasn't that impressed with the first book, but was nevertheless curious to find out how everything plays out in the second installment in the series. My curiosity was satisfied, and though it's far from being Aleatha's best book, it was better than the first book - Twisted.

This book has mystery, suspense, shock value, everything that can make it a good thriller. I can also add that even the storyline with intricate planning also acts as a good plot to drive the story further, and with just these elements it could have been a good book, but there is interplay of romance, and instead of adding to the plot, making it more of a romantic suspense, it just subverts our attention from the actual mystery and in turns making everything messy, forced and harder to follow. 

But then again, compared to the first book, though there was no plot progression in the present (there were some twists to make it engaging), we dive deeper into Kader's 'horrific past' and that's truly magnificently written and described, laying foundation for the Kader that we find today and this depth truly adds to his character, making us connect and understand him and his struggles better. this is the highlight of this book, that make s it better than the first, and hands down its Kader's charisma that's keeping everything together, making the readers invest in his tale. My opinion on Laurel didn't change much after this book. In fact,  she easily got on my nerves on few instances, and as hot as their scenes together are, I don't see the whole 'chemistry' between the two, and somehow their love story doesn't seem convincing to me, especially given the circumstances she meets him. It's in this area that the story actually drags, and their tug of war became predictable and after a point in time- boring. 

Only if Laurel was a stronger and smarter character who could contribute more to the 'story', the book series overall would have shaped out much better. 

The final book is still pending, and this book has just laid the groundwork for it to take off, so I'm still hoping that Aleatha will surprise us with her twist and turns (she's known and famous for), making the climax dramatic and giving a good closure to Kader's story. this book didn't disappoint, but hoping the third one is even better, ending the book with a BANG.

4 Suspenseful stars. 



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