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Review Of Virginal Headlines

April 26, 2019

This was a really fun and entertaining read :) It has bits of everything, and that's what makes it so 'complete' and also satisfying. The entire time I was reading it, there was a wide smile gracing my face, but I was also anxious and curious to know what happens next.

Coming to the story, it was fresh and real, very relatable at a pace that was easy to follow. The storyline, though kind of predictable was not boring and every scene had something new and delightful to offer. What stood out the most in this book were the characters. Though Primerose and Grayson were the primary characters - the other characters -friends/colleague/Boss were thoroughly enjoyable, adding lot of spice and drama to the main story.

Coming to the actual protagonists - they are an interesting bunch, especially Primerose. Her personality is not something the female leads are these days, and so it was a refreshing change and I totally understand how her charm worked on Greyson. but though she comes off being a quiet person who stays away from the crowd and keeps to herself, she's in no way dumb or naive. Quite the opposite actually and some of her actions took me by surprise and though I get her motive, I still wish she had taken a different route, than weaving a web of lies. Grayson, on the other hand started out a typical flirt with godly looks, but soon his sweet and charismatic side took over and that's when and how he won me over. Now though he came off as a playboy earlier, the way he changed for Prime and all those stuff that he did for her was very swoon-worthy. Together they did make a nice pair and I liked their chemistry (both on and off story)

Also, the back stories were given due merit, and contributed to the story and also gave the required character growth and overall worked with the plot. Even the writing style was quite unique with a lot of quirks form the writer and gelled well with these characters and also created a very distinct picture of the scenes as well as the characters' personality.

Overall this was a fun, engaging read and I look forward to the other three books in the series (especially poppy's and even quinn's, and also the secret poet story - seems unique;)

4.5 fun, entertaining stars. 


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