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Review Of Sins and Discipline

April 24, 2019

This was a super HOT read with a swoon worthy hero, an interesting heroine, cocooned in a bubble of soulful music with notes and chords reflecting their taboo yet passionate love affair. Lily White does it again in crafting another unique and crazily romantic story that I completely loved and wanted more of ! Whereas The Five was completely dark and dear, this had a dark edge to it and was more about a man with a dominant stark who wants to discipline his student both on and off bed, and yet both the books had a common element of a very soulful and passionate love, one was birthed from money, drugs and abuse while for this book, music filled the gaps, heightening it's affecting and making it all the more beautiful, magical and tragic.
The story has many folds to it - and every layer was more beautiful than the other. First it's the whole student-teacher relationship and to add an additional complication he (Lennon) has to be the judge to decide who at the end of the summer program should be in the finals to get a scholarship for the Hashtings Program. So he can't be partial to her and should also be her music 'teacher'. And also there is the whole sexual chemistry between the two and the way he likes to 'punish' and discipline her. This was smoking HOT and every sexual scene (There are plenty of them) were unique in their description and showcased the blooming love between them very effectively. To add to to that there is also a mystery element in regards to the reason behind Lennon's sister committing suicide that had something to do with Amelia's family. This added complication works for the story giving it a different spin and adds to its uniqueness. In fact, it keeps alive the feeling of 'I don't knew what will happen next' till the very end and the revelation did take me by a BIG surprise. I wish it could have been addressed more deeply I'm the story. 
Coming to the characters - Both Lennon and Amelia were likeable and when together they made a very dynamic pair especially with their whole connect with music and their dissonance completely in sync and harmonizing with their feelings for one another. Lennon especially was a very interesting brooding hero with his unique fashion sense and need to control and dominate. And everything he did was for her own good - that was the best part. He takes the rough route for disciplining her but it totally works for his character and the story as a whole 
The writing was perfection and absolutely brilliant. Especially the music parts and how the author used the classic pieces and their style of playing to bring the two together and explain their feelings was very creative and so beautiful! Her writing is so smooth with melodious flow and beats to it.
5 melodious stars to this book.


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