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Review of The Winter Of My Love

March 21, 2019

 This was my first book by J.L. Lora and I must say that I'm really impressed and I thoroughly enjoyed the book. This is one of those books where both the story-line and the characters are given equal importance. I couldn't find a single chapter that was boring or acted as a filler.  There was always something happening and that kept my interest throughout the read. There was not even a single dull moment and the story was far from being predictable with so many elements thrown into the mix, making it all the more engaging.

For starters, the story was unconventional to say the very least and that's what grabbed my interest in the first place. I'm always a sucker for different, complex and taboo storylines, and though this wasn't a taboo read, the premise was unusual and promising. And it even lived up to my expectations and went beyond. There were lot of things that I didn't see coming that unraveled layer by layer in a comfortable pace without feeling too rushed  or too melodramatic. This is not a simple story of unplanned pregnancy not is it about a surrogacy, it's a blend of them that the author managed to pull of in a very realistic which at its crux is very much a beautiful story.

Coming to the characters - Grayson and Winter are the kind one can't help but like. Individually they are good, but as a couple they are great. I loved how caring, matured and understanding Grayson without being arrogant or cocky despite being a very successful and rich businessman, and on the other hand, I also liked how fiercely independent, and selfless Winter is. They made a very good couple and despite all the hardships and initial misunderstandings, they were able to find a common ground and that's how their love story actually kicks off. My one small complaint is though as a couple they are really good with contrasting traits, the initial phase of them falling in love kind of felt lacklustre. The sex scenes were done really well and their chemistry was HOT, but somehow I felt that they fell in love real quick and there was not much build up for that. But then again in the grand scheme of events, it can be looked over. Once they become a couple and start on a different page,  their love can be clearly seen and can be easily bought. 

The writing and narrative went well with the story and I also liked the whole 'dry-humor' and sarcastic monologues thrown every now and then. It made me LOL. It's the kind of writing one can get easily addicted to. The pacing was also very good and made me turn pages quick, awaiting the new surprises and twists. The settings were also realistic and everything  feel into place towards the end, making sense without any loose ends. The secondary characters were also fun and I would love to read their books too. I especially liked Simone - she is something else. I loved her conversations with Grayson. 

4 stars for this unconventional and unique book ;) 


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