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Review Of The Five

March 21, 2019

The best example of 'unputdownable' is THIS book! It's just..... mind-blowing, chilling and extremely Dark thriller! Lily White strikes again and that too HOW?!!!! It's been a day since I read the book and I was hoping that a day Gap would be enough for me to calm down enough to write a sensible review without getting too excited and hyper...But was I wrong?! This book took me on such a crazy ride that my mind is still reeling over it and I can't get it out of my head no matter how hard I try. It's that crazily ADDICTIVE. 

Coming to the actual review - This book is yet another perfect example for the genre - Romantic Suspense. It's a thriller rooted in love and a perfect retreat for readers seeking a suspenseful story interlaced with romance. At the Crux of it, it's a love story but in a totally fucked up and extremely dark settings. And as a cherry at the top - It's so fucked up that, it can easily fit into the psychological thriller genre as well. This book has everything a reader can desire - unique, unexplored storyline, mystery (finding the murderer), loads of super DARK elements, totally fucked up yet enticing characters (Especially Rainey), super Hot Sex, a sweet yet crazy love story and not to forget the numerous twists and turns that keeps one at the edge of the seat unable to keep their kindle down to even take a small pee break?!
I don't usually binge read books, preferring to take my own sweet time for it soak in and living it for at least 3-4 days. BUt this book was an exception. It was so gripping that I couldn't stop flipping pages and time just flew and I realized that I had finished it in mere two sittings. 
This story is a interview of sorts (here it's between a psychologist- Justin and a victim who miraculously survived the homicide- Rainey) where in Rainey recollects her past leading up to the homicide and Justin studies the case to give his report on whether Rainey is a possible suspect. The tone and style is very similar to her previous book - The Wishing Well (In that it was Vincent being interviewing and he was one of my most fav character and that book was my most fav read of 2018). Here the prime focus is mainly on Rainey and the entire story revolves around her. She is a very compelling and convoluted character. Very hard to like (I literally wanted to slam some sense into her) but a very interesting and mesmerizing character to read about. She is something else all together. There is no other way to describe her and Lily White has done an excellent job in bringing her to life. There are plenty of other characters like the Connor brothers who can generalized as bad (it's calling it lightly - they are sexual beasts with no moral sense whatsoever and also rapists and drug dealers) except for Rowan. He is the youngest of the Connor brothers who falls truly in love with Rainey. He was obviously my fav character and my heart broke for him. I won't go deeper into the story but all I can say is it takes the Dark to a totally new level. Though there was nothing too gory and non-consensual per say, some of the scenes were just so fucked up. I have read tons of dark books but none of them comes close to the some scenes depicted here and how easily, readily and nonchalantly Rainey takes part in the. Ahhh...it was frustratingly enjoyable? (if that even makes sense). The writing too was incredible!!! Suspense filled and yet so deep, beautiful and meaningful! Kudos to her writing. It was exemplary.
It was very hard to figure out how the story would end and there were quite a few red herrings as well but I can proudly say that I had a strong hunch about what was happening and I was right for the most part. But the ending still took me by complete shock and my heart cried! It was agonizingly appropriate for this story. But then again, though all the pieces fell together towards the end, it wasn't seamless as I hopes for it to be. Similar to how Wishing Well ended, even this story did have a few loose threads and more clarity could have made it better. Its not to say it wasn't good or unrealistic. It was set up such that narrative would make sense and though it played out beautifully, I still felt some pieces needed a better closure and even timings towards the end was a little confusing. But it doesn't take away the fun from the story at all...just small things that can be overseen considering how the exceptionally good the story and overall book is.
I would go with 4.85 explosive dynamite stars for this.


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