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Review Of While I Was Away

March 13, 2019

This was...... UNIQUE and so DIFFERENT. I've never read a book like this before and this uniqueness is what truly stands out in this book. It's very hard to write a review for this book without giving away the storyline (which I don't want to) so I'll try to base my review on how reacted with the book proceedings.
Firstly, a small warning. This can't be put into a particular genre at all. It's romance - yes but it transcends the others genre and is kind of like a mismash between various genre and is not necessarily confusing but it has more of soothing, trans like feel to it and after reaching a certain point in the book - I didn't care to put a label on its genre and though it's rooted in science, it also dives into fantastical dreams and touches upon philosophical elements. It was beautiful in a way that I can't say about other books. 
More than being a story or a romance between the characters, this book is a journey and an experience of the absurdities in life or methodological planning by fate. It's up to the reader to choose what and how they wish to see and understand this book but as I have always been a string believer of fate, I'll go with the latter. 
This book has a very beautiful and lyrical cinematic touch to it. Even as I was reading the book, a picturesque vision played before eyes, making the journey I took with this book thoroughly enjoyable. I do want to add that, this book might not be for all. Even I had little reservations about it when I was reading the first few chapters, but it grew on me and I managed to make some peace with how the story was unfolding. It's kind of bizarre but it needs a open mind (without too much of logical reasoning) and patience to accept it and go with the flow.
This employed 3rd person narrative and though it's not something I prefer, it made sense for this story. It was written so lyrically (especially one incident towards the very end) it just blew my mind. It's a different style of writing all together. Kudos to the author for pulling it off. 
There are a lot of surprise elements in the story. In fact the whole story itself is like a big puzzle but a unique one because we have no idea how the final picture is supposed to even look like. Till at least 40% of the book, I was completely clueless about where the author was headed and who even the male lead is!! Even after we realize who it is, the story takes a different turn altogether and I was left pleasantly surprised. I also loved the whole emphasis on soul mates and how two people who are supposed to meet can transcend planes and get to be together. And this was not just Adele's story either. In fact it's as much about her as it's about her friends and family. In fact there is another parallel love story that blossoms even as Adele's story progresses.
This is the best I can say without giving away too much. If a reader goes in for an adventure of sorts without letting logic come in the way, it will be a worthy, pleasant ride.
4 magical stars for this one.


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