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Review Of Like Dragonflies

For starters the cover for this book is eye catchy and symbolic to the book and story! Even the title rings very true to the strip and adding the fact that both Mars and Sage are artists in the book, the Cover pic pictures their interests as well as their lives beautifully! So yeah a big thumps up to the cover designer!:)
Coming to the story - The blurb says it all and even as I dived into it, I knew what to expect and how it would take shape. So on those grounds there was no surprise element as such. 40% of the story revolves around the couple running into each other and falling in love - a sweet, innocent romance that is relatable with a strong and fierce chemistry between the two. The actual taboo parts of their relation is explored post afterward and it's something we readers are already aware of so the big reveal didn't have a strong impact on me but what would transport post that kept my interest. Since this is a pretty sensitive issue that the authors are dealing with, it made sense for them to reveal it upfront but since it is also the main turning point and the OMG moment in the story, it could have packed a good punch if kept a secret. But nevertheless it doesn't take away the taboo nature of the story. 
Also, point to be noted is that - Unlike K Webster's other stories like Wild and Hale, here Sage and Mars are unaware of their relationship when they first fall in love so it's a war against their feelings and urges after the big reveal. So I would say it's taboo but nothing too extreme as such and easier to digest. There are other elements nicely explored in the book - class differences, freedom to do what one wishes, significance and language of art, bad parenting, molding someone to for the societal standards and so on.... They were handled well and they all fell into place, adding more layers to the story's narrative. 
Even the sex scenes and chemistry between the two (especially after the reveal) was done with a level of expertise and beautifully brought out the tension, hesitancy and also the maddening love between the two. I also enjoyed the various reference to dragonflies and how their story and lives related to them. It was a beautiful anology. Also, the way their art and paintings brought out the feelings raging inside them was also depicted beautifully, so full points to those. Some characters were exceptionally supportive and nice - like Sage's dad, Mars's aunt, while some of the characters like Sohpie and even Sage's mom were too shallow and one-dimensional. 
I ask felt, as good as the story, it was resolved fairly easily and there was not too much of tension and edge of the seat drama per se. A little more drama and tense moments could have made it even better. Also, the ending wasn't too clean where few characters were concerned. They were just left and weren't re-visited again, so that line of dampened the ending for me. 
But nevertheless, it was still a enjoyable read. 4 mystical dragonfly stars.


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