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Review Of Overture (North Security #1)

February 21, 2019

This was book was sooo HOT and sinfully delicious and I just couldn't get enough. I had heard a lot about the author but this was my first book of hers and not so surprisingly I loved it!!!!
Though it's not an outright dark book, there is a lot of darkness in it. Even the tone, settings and the whole mood of the book is dark with undercurrents of something dangerous and forbidden and it works wonderfully for this book. It's blanketed with feelings of desperateion and restraint, that add up to create an eerie yet smoking HOT chemistry between Samantha and Liam(her legal guardian post the death of her father). A father- daughter bond is expected of them, but it's the complete opposite in their case, with both of them feeling the constant push of lust and forbidden love and neither of them make an attempt to hide it but it becomes a really HOT slow born as we as readers wait for then to act on it!!
The storyline was intense and gripping with a sense of threat always looming above them. For me it added to their insane chemistry. and the music was Soo musical and charismatic. A perfect fit thrown into the mix which added to the allure and made the book so much more sinfully divine. I know I am using complementary adjectives but that's the best way of putting it! What I especially loved was how bold, open and Frank both of them were. Samantha is 17 when the book starts but thanks to her upbringing, she is far more matured for her age. Liam also has a very dark past (which we only get snippets off) and yet these two click so seamlessly when they are together. And neither of them hesitate to speak their hearts, especially Samantha. She is very outspoken about her feelings for him and asks what she wants and desires without fear of rejection. Liam, on the other hand shows more restraints and gives in thanks to her persistence and his only control slipping. He has good reasons for keeping his distance, but slowly Samantha breaks his walls. But it's never easy of them and there are sufficient twists and 'I didnt see that coming' to keep the story engaging. The chemistry between is super smoking hot. though they don't really talk all that much, the silence between them filled with the tunes from her violin and the detailed descriptions of their facial expressions and body language adds fuel to their chemistry. Even towards the end, Liam's actions surprised me and it wasn't what I had guessed but nevertheless justified his character. 
The sex was top notch and was written so graphically and yet beautifully. It's a hard combination to pull off and the author did great. It felt very different and unique. But at some places it did feel a little clunky and I couldn't visualize it with clarity but it didn't deter my attention, so I can let that slip. 

I also loved the name of the book and significance of the same! It's perfect. Can't wait for the second installment. 4.5 sexy forbidden stars.


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