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Review Of Love Doctor

February 18, 2019


This was a funny, engaging and entertaining read. My first book by the author and it definitely won't be the last. This is the type of book that has all elements (comedy, humor, romance, sass and also a good storyline) added to the mix in the right proportions to ensure a splendid reading experience. Though I must add that the blurb is kind of misleading. The context rather the settings is similar but the order of events is different. 
Coming to the story, the authors gets full points here. This story has troupes of usual romantic comedies but the story by itself is pretty unique and fun. I had a good time how it plays out between Rose and Declan. And I also liked Declan's profession - He is a sex therapist and she is his secretary (personal assistant) and also a writer, hoping to before a published author. I liked how she used Declan as inspiration for her book without letting him know and how their love story actually started out (with her directly asking him for some sex advise). I wouldn't call it a slow burn, but they don't immediately jump into bed either. There is lot of sexual tension between and the authors has done a very good job brewing it, spanning the major portions of the book. Their banter, sex tease and also petty fights was a true delight to read. So the love story between the two crafted smoothly, and the alternate POV between the characters made them all the more compelling and Lovable.
Having said that, I did have some issues with the book. There were just too many elements/subjects that it was trying to address and the book fell short in doing them full justice and it felt unnecessary. I liked the whole part of Rose attending author writing groups to get feedback from other authors and improvise on her writing and why it didn't work for her. And after having experienced the sexual act herself and putting those feelings and reactions into her work was also a very nice touch -> implying words should be heartfelt and writing shouldn't be restricted to semantics and rigid structures. But then again challenges of indie publishing, risk of plagarism though are sensitive and critical topics, didn't find enough 'space and attention' in this book. They were merely touched upon to create some new tension and drama and though it did work to an extent, I couldn't understand the underlying message and their was no takeaway for me. The same holds for Rose's father who is pretty conservative and preacher of sorts. She wishes to write erotic but fearing her dad would never approve, she doesn't bring it up in front of him. When it does happen, the scene is glossed over and I didn't again find the necessity of this storyline. It makes Rose very conflicted about her choices and doesn't add much to her character growth. I did like Declan's dilemma over choosing to be a sex therapist and make good money or to be an actual clinical doctor and save people's life. This was handled very well, though the climax again made it little jarring. Then there is the whole taboo aspect of crossing professional boundaries, but the extremities of it wasn't thoroughly explored and it was merely used to make Declan show more restraints over his urges. 
I might being a little picky, but if one wishes to have a good time with a light-hearted, sexy and a humerous story, then this will prove to a very good read and even the writing is fun and easy to grasp and enjoy...so overall I would go with 4 stars.

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