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Review Of Hawthorne and Heathcliff

February 9, 2019

This book is EVERYTHING. The feels, the emotions, the lines, the moments -----I'm truly speechless and a real loss of words. I honestly don't know how to review a masterpiece like this! It's beyond words really. The author is a gem of a writer and in this she sums up beautifully about what truly compasses life. 
I'm not going to write about what the story is but my review will be about how the author uses power of words to really move us and slowly but effectively change our perceptions. The best way to describe this book - It's not just a love story but it's a story about love. Al forms of love and the warmth the mere feeling brings and how it allows us to evolve as an individual and move ahead in life. IT's a powerful story, with great characters and very strong and effective dialogues. I don't usually shed tears while reading a book no matter how tragic it is, but while reading this, I was sobbing and not because of tragedy. I was crying because this book, especially narrative for certain scenes moved me so deeply that it made once again face realities of life and this time I actually assimilated it, rather than just 'reading' and accepting it. This is my second time reading this book and like the first time, It truly made me reflect over my life and introspect where I stand today, and what got me to this stage. I've always been always a philosophical and a deep thinker and this book completely resonates with me on SOOO many levels. I can tell with certainty that it has the power to make all of its readers, pause and just let the words soak into their conscience. 
Credit goes to the author for capturing such a bittersweet, simple story and transferring it to powerful lessons of life and love in general. There are so many layers to this book and to put in layman terms - It's very deep. It takes tragedy as a setup for budding love and ends up creating a tale of two lost souls seeking closure but finding love in various forms at different stages. The characters - Hawthorne and Heathcliff - Clare and Max are so compelling and strong at the same time. It's a true delight to ready their story -both as individuals and as a couple. Th other supporting characters - Hawthorne's Uncle, Grams and even Rebecca add a lot of value to the overall story. Every character is etched beautifully and to perfection. The best aspects of this book that really makes it to stand apart and adds yet another touch of novelty is the personification, usage and reference their shoes (That's how their love story even began) and Sylvia Plath's poem -The Mirror. Not to take away the actual writing. The words flow, so lyrical and smooth like a river devoid of any ripples, sparkling under the sun. The descriptions - so vivid and colorful - like the author is using words as a brush to stroke and bled together different hues to create a very picturesque image. As a writer, I totally look up to her and the day I reach her level of expertise is the day I will feel most proud of my own writing abilities. She is THAT good. 
The first time I read this book, it helped me in getting up from a low point in my life. It made me see myself and life from a different and more matured lens, and now when I had a feeling that I could probably hit another low, I chose to re-read this masterpiece of a book. Like the first time, it helped open my eyes adding new angles and dimensions. If the reader really invests themselves in this book, it's guaranteed to make THEIR LIFE. It's the book that I have highlighted the most -I have highlighted whole chapters! and what makes this book so beautiful and touching -> IT's simplistically REAL! This is no fairy-tale love story with drama. It's a real love story well in the confines of reality. Nothing is over the top or dramatized and yet it evokes the strongest of emotions. I can go and on and on -----this book by itself a miracle and I consider myself super lucky to have gotten a chance to read it!!!!
Infinite *For My Sake* Stars.


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