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Review of Kiss Thief

January 12, 2019


Wow ....this book blew my mind and I am still at a loss on how to describe it. It was everything I wanted and enjoyed in a book and yet I feel that it missed something and I can't lay my fingers on what that is. Hopefully as I wrote this review, I will be able to figure it out. 
But there are a lot of stuff that I absolutely enjoyed. First off - the blurb is very twisted and clever. I dived into this book with a different set of expectations and half way through, I believed that blurb was misleading but when I neared the end, I concluded that it wasn't misleading per se but just smart and discreet - hinted at something without being very obvious, so yeah plus points for it. 
The story itself it Ammmmaazzzing!!! Absolute lovely and so very different and unique. With all it's twists and turns it exceeded my expectations and gave me something different, fresh, unique and so so very real - with a taste of revenge, hatred, love, lust, anger and passion. A true essence of LIFE in a political setting. Full points for the crazy yet real and practical story.
The writing was excellent!! So fluid, smooth and lyrical! It was perfect for this story and the pacw was handled correctly, always in sync with the story with sufficient angst and surprises thrown our way without going overboard or becoming slow or boring. all the elements were sprinkled in right proportions making for a very engaging and 'unputdownable' read. 
The characters are one of the best I have read in recent times!! They are just so different and yet flawed to perfection especially Senator Wolfe. And Francesca compliments him soon beautifully!!! Angelo is a nice complication thrown into the mix but sadly, I didn't get enough of him to explore his character but it's not a complaint. Without Wolfe and his nemises taking over the majority of of the book, thorough entertainment was guaranteed. Wolfe was just sooooo... Hot and dominant and arrogant and everything I love in my heros!!! He had my heart racing the entire time right from his very first dialogue. HE is something else and I adored him soooooooo much. He became as asshole on more than one occasion but always stayed true to his character, which made him truly shine in my eyes!! It was his actions that always took me by surprise and and he didn't disappoint me at all. Coming to Francesca, she was also a sweet yet sassy (only for Wolf) lead. I loved her resolve and stubbornness as well as her sweet and forgiving nature. I could connect with her and knew that she is perfect match for Wolfe though sometimes, she was a little too naive and silly (especially towards the climax) but I can blame that on her young age and inexperience. And when these two get together - their chemistry (be it on bed or just their banter and bickering) can set the whole room on fire!!! They are THAT good together.
My only complaint is how the past story and the whole revenge aspect was handled. I despised Francesca's father but even till the very end, I couldn't get a grip over his character and his feelings towards his daughter. I wanted more clarity on that to hate him with a vengeance and worse was Francesca"s reactions towards her own dad after she learned the truth. For all the evil acts he had done she didn't actually take a stand and even retaliate against him! He deserved it but their was no show off between them at all! At least for Wolfe's sake, she could have done something.. anything..rather than point blank pondering about how Wolfe's hatred for her father would effect her love life! That's my biggest problem. The whole climax and drama surrounding them was resolved around this and her very silly and stupid confusion about Wolfe's real intentions. I felt just to make the ending more dramatic, the author forced this plot and made Francesca a little too dumb for my liking. Up until that point she was so level headed and patient. What changed suddenly? Though it did bring out some good scenes where Wolfe was concerned it could have brought about by other means too...and at times I felt everything happened very smoothly and easily for the Senator. I get that he has a lot of power in his hands, but seeing him handle wench thrown in his path, would have been even more interesting and fun. 
Overall I absolutely loved reading this book and except for my above two compliants, I couldn't spot any other flaw !! 4.5 mind blowing stars !!!​ 


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