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Review Of Picture Perfect Summer

January 12, 2019


Picture Perfect Summer was a sweet and fullfilling read that left me with a wide smile on my face. It was a simple yet complete and 'picture perfect love story'. It was my first book of the author and the first book that I read in the Kings of Castle Beach series. It was a very good start and a light hearted read - exactly what I needed at this point in time. 
Delving into the details - it's a simple and cute love story' between True Prince and Duke Kind, who meet eventfully during her summer vacation and slowly but surely fall in love. It's a love story that resonated with me and felt real - right from the start. Duke and True form a warm and cute couple - perfect for one another but their love story doesn't last long and surprise rather shock one after the other, tears them apart and they don't fight against the circumstances or for each other. The point at they which breakup is right at the middle of the book (at the 50% mark). It then takes a ten year leap and the later half sees them running into each other again. They are more mature, understanding now, Duke especially - ready to defy all odds to be with her.
I particularly loved the pacing of the book and how well it was planned. The first half was about them falling in love and the second half was about them fighting for the same love. It was refreshing and provided different flavors of life without being overbearing or too dramatic. Though Laken (Duke's ex- wife) was sort of like the antagonist in the story, her motives weren't too despicable and she just created the circumstances that made Duke and True make wrong choices. That's what made me truly connect with the story - it was a flavor of real life and how we deal with wrehces thrown in our path and how sometimes we have to absolutely make the best of the second chances that life bestows upon us. I really liked True in the first part and had really hoped for her to not leave Duke in the first place, but I got her reasons and couldn't blame her for it. It's in the second half that I was kind of irritated with her and loved Duke all the more. He didn't think once about giving up on her no matter how stubborn she was being and neither did her compromise on his father duties. He tried so hard to find a way by which he would hold on to both his daughter and True. he was an adorable dad and a reliable and passionate father! He stole my heart for sure.
I also loved all of the secondary characters - Duke's whole family as well as True's parents.I especially loved Duke's daughter - River. She got the best lines in the book! So funny, and cute at the same time. She had me laughing so much!!! Together they made such a cute and perfect family.
I loved reading this book and it made me feel so happy, putting me in a very good mood! So 4 happy cheerful stars for this book :)

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