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Review Of Amnesia

December 29, 2018

This was a joyous ride from start to stop and a very engaging read. I had heard a lot of bloggers praising it, so I was super happy when I finally got a chance to read the ARC. And this book definitely lived up to the expectations and succeeded in keeping me engaged throughout the read.
That being said - at around 60% of the story I was able to deduce what might have happened in Lucy's past and in the essence for the most part of it I was able to solve the myself. Again, that might be because I have read a lot of thrillers, so was able to catch on the clues (some very smartly misdirecting leading me to believe it would be even more twisted but that wasn't the case) that the author had seamless woven into the story without making it very obvious. For me mostly, it was the elimination method that worked and as proud I was about my own deducing ability I was equally proud of the author for making it the whole story, settings very realistic and the timings perfect. It's like through this story she is setting up a game for us to find the culprit and all the puzzle pieces perfectly laid before us at the right stages help in seeing the bigger picture. That's what I loved the most about the book - everything fits together perfectly towards the end without any loose ends and everything is very realistic and doable- we don't have to stretch our realms of reality to buy this story.
What makes a thriller click with the readers?
1) it should be able to keep the readers guessing at every turn.
2)it should have the element of suspense and fear of 'the' unknown 
3) some twists and turns to make us re-question all out previous theories.
4) it should be fast paced with every chapter or two ending with a new revelation.
And this book has it all in perfect proportions and to add to that it also has a very beautiful love story underneath it all and that truly steals the cake.!!! So this is a perfect romantic suspense/ psychological thriller!!
I don't want to talk about the characters as that would be 'spoilerish' but all I can say, each and every one of them are interesting to read about, fun and also likeable despite some of their 'actions'
This is not a particular 'dark' book but hints at it, especially towards the end and for the tone of this book, the darkness it has suffices. 
So overall - I loved this one and would encourage all of you to definitely read this!!!

4.5 Mind Boggling stars :)


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