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Review Of Heath

October 29, 2018

My head is still spinning after reading this one. It was just so crrazzzyy. The best tagline that I can think for their book would - Welcome to the craziest ride of your life and keep expecting the unexpected at every turn!
This book was just that!! The blurb doesn't say much and it was a very wise decision by the authors to keep it so ambiguous. Everyone is pushed to go into it blind and be shocked with every chapter!! I won't reveal the story this is 'inspired' by. It's better to keep that as a suspension to enjoy this book to the maximum.
To give a very brief synopsis - This is a love story of three couples across three generations. The first being Heath and Catrina. The second being Cat and Mr. (SECRET) and the third being Emily and Finn. The story of Heath is being told by Helen( the motherly kind of housekeeper) to Emily. It's something like story within a story (gave me Inception vibes;). Heath is a very important character for all the stories and the overall book revolves around and focuses on him as a character. I particularly loved the story between him and Catarina and without diving much all I can say is its badass - literally. None of the characters in his take are likeable- in fact I detested Catrina!! But that's also the beauty of this book.- at least for the 50% it's a story about all the 'far from being good characters' and though I sort of liked heath, I hated everyone else and felt them pathetic and yet I couldn't put the book down. It's hands down a far cry from the usual kind of books but the story by itself is very very engaging with no mellowed down or censored scenes and no attempt made by the authors to make the characters likeable. I like it actually - It's very raw and gritty. Though at times I felt it was a little too fast and it could have been drawn out a little more (the initial parts), I understand why the authors chose to do it this way - considering they had a lot to tell and more couples to cover.
Post the 50% mark, the story takes a very drastic turn and this is where it loses stems and becomes something along the predictable lines. Not that it was bad it lacked the 'WTF' and I didn't see that coming' moments. And pacing kind of slowed down here. Though it added up to the overall picture that they were trying to show, it lacked the dramatic moments and even the ending kind of fell flat - where Heath was concerned. A lot of hinted at spoken about what Heath was capable of and how he plays his cards but they were never explored much in detail. I was expecting something more to come out of it but it ended rather - blankly and somehow Heath by himself didn't do much to the plot except being there and adding a little drama in the climax. There was this disconnect with his character and his contribution to the overall plot in the second half and his motives never got any fruition and only his LOVE for Catarina was spoke about in great lengths. 
I also loved Emily and Finn's story - It was very cute, fun and interesting to read whereas Heath's story was passionate and almost violent. Cat's story comes in-between the two and though it wasn't great as such, it provided a stark contrast to Heath's story and that was what the authors were going for.
Though it could have been better and ended on a high note, I still enjoyed reading it. Going with 4 bat-shit-crazy stars.


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