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Review Of Wanting Mr.Cane

October 19, 2018

This was a splendid and exactly what I wanted and had hoped for!! I loved it. It totally consumed me from beginning to end and made me completely fall in love with the characters - Cane and Kandy. Hands down, it has found a place in my top three fav books of 2018!!
This book has everything that entices me in a book and makes me go CRAZY!! -> A sexy, forbidden, super-hot, taboo romance. The setting by itself is complicated and complex making the forbidden love even more thrilling and HOT. It's not just about the age difference between Cane and Kandy- it's also the fact that Kandy's dad Derrick is Cane's very good and trustworthy friend who had saved his family from a very dangerous situation in the past. Kane owes him his mother's life and doesn't wish to do anything that would hurt Derrick or endanger their friendship. And then we have Kandy who would have developed a crush on 'Mr. Cane' the very first time he would have come to their house, when she was merely Nine years old. Kandy's crush is pretty obvious to Cane and though he would like and adore her a lot like his best friend's daughter, he doesn't make a big deal or even reciprocate her feelings. She grows into a beautiful woman right in front of his eyes and over the years, his feelings start to morph into something 'dark, dirty and taboo' and one vulnerable, tragic night changes their relationship dynamics completely and then starts the forbidden love affair.
What I really loved about this book is the continuous war raging between guilt and love that for both Kandy and Cane. They can't control their feelings for each other, but they do have a say over their actions, but the more the more they resist, the more the temptation grows and much as they try to nip their feelings in the bud for the sake of Kandy's father( a cop who's shown to be overprotective of his daughter), they fail to do so. The struggle is painful but provides the necessary angst and drama in the book.
The characters are also very engaging and had me completely invested in their lives and choices. I especially loved Kandy and could relate to her on many levels. She has a backbone and always goes for what she wants without every backing down -> even if that means making the first move on a guy nearly 17 years elder to her and also his dad's bets friend. She is gutsy and bold, sassy and very entertaining. I loved her. And I loved Kane too. He is a sophisticated, complex man but Kandy slowly unveils his layer one by one and makes us see a different side to him. I could understand his dilemma and being the more mature and elder one- The guilt of his actions was eating him alive and yet he tried to give Kandy what she craved for without making any promises. Given the situation, it's the best he could do. These two together as a couple were smoking hot, putting the room on fire!! The sex scenes were tooooo good and quite creative too. I got the different scenes from both Kandy and Cane's POV and that was like cherry on top of the icecream.
The writing was clear, crisp, and sharp. So was the pacing. It never felt boring or dragged and everything felt realistic with nothing being too over the top. The only problem I had was with Kelly's character. I never got to completely understand her character and though it came as a surprise that she got to play such an important character towards the end, it didn't feel all that believable. I was kind of expecting something like THAT to happen but coming from Kelly kind of shook me a little. Not that it was a bad idea, but it came out of nowhere and transition up until that point didn't add up completely. It's not a big complaint as such but I feel it could have been executed in a better way and some clues hinting at it could have been thrown earlier. That would make it more believable, while still retaining the surprise.
I'm jumping into the next book even as soon as I'm done posting this review. It's too good for em to wait any longer. Too Too Good!! 
FIVE forbidden stars


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