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Review Of Three Is A War

September 9, 2018

Finally the trilogy comes to an end with this epic conclusion. I savored this book in a week (I was busy with work:() and it was actually 'un-putdownable' It was smoking HOT and eveyrthing I expected and also didn't...
Again when it comes to pure writing - 100 stars and more for this book. It's just that beautiful. 
Having said that, I also want that it's a mixed bag and as much as I liked it in certain parts, some parts left me with a confused and unpleasant feeling. The way the last book ended, I had hoped for more surprises and suspense - some 'thriller' aspect that would be interwoven with the love triangle, but it was a futile hope as most part of this book was more or less a rehash of the second book with the only difference being - They were playing by Trace and Cole's rules and sharing the same roof/room. It was an interesting premise to read about, but after a while got trite and I dare say--kind of boring? We are still stuck in the same mess - With Danni loving them both and unable to choose either. More or less the same monologue (The comparisons were unique and creative) but it wasn't 'leading' to anything. And as interesting the new 'RULES' were, it I had to critically analyze it then overall the plot felt thin and couldn't server to help Danni make a choice and instead the constant push and pull drove us nuts (I kind of blame Danni for this but the guys weren't giving her any alternatives- so to an extent I do get her...but it lead to a tiring reading experience). I really feel adding 'thriller' aspect to the mix or just giving her some distance and space to really sort through her feelings would have served better rather than the 'staying-together- but having controlled intimacy' approach. Oh well..at least this way I got to see Trace and Cole bonding as 'friends' and that was really like a breath of fresh air.
This book did lack in novelty and even the pacing for the better part was 'off' but it made up for it in the last twenty-percent or so where even the pace picked up and there were genuine moments that even had me in tears. It felt authentic and her final 'decision' could connect with chords of my heart and even the reasoning behind it made perfect sense. It was executed well without any unnecessary drama and angst and felt very satisfying. For the last part alone - Five stars.
For the beginning part - The plot lost me and though I wasn't skimming , it did bore me and felt repetitive, but at least my complaints against knowing too little about Cole's mission was addressed and I found believable answers so for that - 3.5 stars.
The middle parts were hot - especially when sex (or to be more precise oral sex) got all the limelight. It's a pleasure to read the sex scenes written by Pam Godwin - Each and every scene is depicted graphically yet unique and creative - SMOKING HOT. There was one MFM scene that I saw coming and it was PERFECT. It was something this book actually needed and though they were dead against sharing - that one scene was a real killer and I fucking loved it ;)
Both Cole and Trace have their moments to shine in this book and the whole -Three is a war makes perfect sense to how the story progressed. Danni kind of got on my nerves, but not in an unbearable way . If we had got some chapters from Trace's or Cole's POV in this book, it would have made it more 'complete ' and perfect in the real sense.
I overall loved reading this trilogy and though this book in particular had its flaws, the satisfying ending made up for it. Post reading this series, PAM GODWIN became my one-click author:)
4 Heartwarming Stars.



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