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Review of Every Breath You Take

August 25, 2018


I am really confused about this one. I liked reading it and it was beautifully written but when it comes to the story and the over-all plot, I have mixed opinions. 
Maybe it's just me, but I found the blurb to be misguiding. It wasn't false or incorrect but it wasn't the highlight of the story like I had expected it to be when I started the book. This false expectation kept me waiting for something that never happened. IN fact, I had even convinced myself towards the end, I will be in for a shocker or a big twist that would blow my mind but I was disappointed with the ending from a plot perspective. It was too easy and convenient and nothing BIG happened. It felt too smooth and easy like the whole and wait was for nothing. Again, this might be because I had a different expectations about the central plot. What I hoped to be the central theme was sidelined and that particular character was just pushed aside without much of a good resolution, leaving many questions answered about his departure. I don't think I can expect that particular storyline to continue in the sequel as it seems to involve the presence of other characters..so that's kind of left me confused and disappointed.
But if I treat this a normal contemporary romance and more of love triangle then yeah, it was indeed a sweet love story ( friends to lovers type) albeit slow at places. It's not that pace was bad, but it could have been better in many ways. Instead of trying to add suspense by masking 'who' the apparent bad guy or obsessive person is, the revelation at an earlier stage could have been much better. This felt rushed, confusing and I still don't get why just some actions of one of the guy made him so bad. It somehow doens't add up to how much the book tried initially to pain him in good colours. I know even this review is kind of messy but that's because the story itself left me with such conflicted questions on what exactly the author was trying to suggest and if I am the one missing the point?! 
As far as the characters are concerned - I can only talk about London. Talking about Sam and Bryce would spoil the story. She was okay as a main protagonist. I didn't love her but I had nothing against her either. She was a wonderful daughter and I loved her mom. Her two friends are mentioned in passing but when she actually needs them, they are not around..so she was mostly left with only Sam and Bryce. None of the other characters are important for this book
I kind of feel that maybe the author started this book with something in mind but she took a break, continued it, but then she changed the story and tried to accomodate these changes in the start as well. It was written well, but the story didn't impress me all that much with its inconsistent tones 
Again, it was an interesting read and I will definitely be reading the sequel as well as other books by Faith Andrews ( Garden of goodbyes is one of my all time favourite) but somehow this book didn't leave upto the mark for me


4 lovely but could have been better stars. 

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