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Review of Camden (Four Sons,#4)

August 25, 2018


hmmm...i hate saying this but I was disappointed with this book and I think for the first time ever, I am giving K Webster's book 3 stars. I did dive into book with a lot of expectations but was left with an unsatisfied feeling at the end of it. This was a hot and short read that had the potential to be so much more but it just grazed the surface without providing any depth. 
It started on a good note but then the story went haywire without any real plot development. I like character driven/ plot driven stories and if it's the characters and their actions that drives the plot, then it becomes a perfect book for me. This book felt like it lacked both. Camden's character was driven by his revenge and that should have been the plot for the story. Though his motive made complete sense, his plan didn't. I get that he wanted to use Poppy against her dad and she was a mere took but the plan had a lot of flaws in it and seemed unnecessary. If he already had all the proofs then why go to such great heights of drugging and blackmailing her to get her to set up some meetings?! If he was so determined couldn't he have got the meetings using his name or his brother's connections? It most felt like the whole thing was setup just to get Poppy and Camden together and for them to fall for each other. There was so much 'missing'. I couldn't connect with Poppy's character. She confused me a lot. She knows he was scheming against her, using her and yet, she let him. Voluntary. Why? She was attracted to his looks? He saved her life once? The reasons don't seem stronger enough. And how did Poppy never- over the years find out how her dad is? It took her this long to see his true face? Too much was glossed over and skipped to give more coverage for the love story to unfold. And at the end everything seemed too convenient and easy. There was no drama whatsoever. A sweet understanding between the two and the whole power of love being greater than revenge. I agree that it's true but it could have been showcased in a different style, perhaps? Some twists? Surprising elements? This seemed too simple for K Webster. 
The sex was steamy and overall this was fun to read but....could have been so much better

"3 was expecting more stars"

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