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Review Of Lachlan's Protege

August 13, 2018


This book was brilliant from start to finish and I literally savoured it. V F Mason doens't disappoint and she met all my expectations!! This is my second book of the author (First being Psychopath's Prey that turned out to be one of the best books of the year for me) and though it dealt with a similar theme, it was very diff in its execution and storyline and I totally loved it.
I really don't want to delve into the story as anything I might tell might be a small piece in the big puzzle and a potential spiloiler. I rather keep my lips sealed about the storyline but still express the brilliance of this book.
What I love about the author is the air of suspense she creates in her book and how she doens't fail to throw twists of twists, levaing us completely shocked towards the end and doing it so believably and in realistic terms. Her books are the perfect candidates for a suspense movie and this also gave me vibes of 'Angels and Demons'. Though the themes of both the books are different, the tone and settings are eerily similar. Moving back to how brilliantly it was written with dual POV, and alternate past and present chapters from both teh protagonists- It fed me so me much information, interlaced with super HOT romance and yet managed to decieved me until the very end!! For that particular twist- Kudos to the author!! I had a bunch about it but I had no way of guessing it would be thrown into the story in such a way!! Again Brilliant!! Everything fit together beautifully in the end and though I would say there are quite a few plot contrivances (rather the narration was adjusted for convenience), it was really essential to keep up the suspense, and so that's excusable. I had a teeny wheeny problem with the characters intentions and the heights to which they were ready to go to achieve it. It kind of felt controversial at times (especially with the whole faith and religion talk) but then again that can also be thought reasonable to certain poeple (maybe I haven't such come across such people so harder for me to accept). Again, I won't say exactly what it is as it will be a major spoiler. 
Addressing the main theme of the book- Faith. This was handled in a very mature and unqiue way without getting lost in controversial subjects. In fact, I can say that it took a whole new 'spin' with this subject matter by showcasing the king of shit and insolent acts poeple indulge in (with the kids) in the name of faith and religion. Best part - it didn't even give a clear cut verdict on what's right and wrong, levaing it upto the make the choice, and letting the characters do what they feel is necessary. Like Psychopath's Prey- It also begged the question whether being a psychopath and targeting the 'evil' guys or 'wrongdoers' is acceptable. This is THR billion dollar question and I totally love the take on this. And this book also gives us good reasons to actually be compassionate towards Lachlan and to an extent reason with his actions. Again, that is dependent on the individual but I could side with him and his rather torturous techniques. A special mention to how detailed the writing was in regards to the psychopath's torture techniques and their execution. Also how they think and behave, always wearing their manipulative masks and yet so indifferent towards death showing no mercy whatsoever. 
Valencia was also an interesting character and I can say a lot like an angel in the real sense. I could totally relate and root for her.
Overall a very interesting, DARK (not too much but still quite a lot- some parts were just touched upon without being too graphic) and engaging read. 
5 DARK stars


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