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Review of Bittersweet Addiction

August 1, 2018

This is the sequel to the Bittersweet Surrender and follows the story of Charlotte and Will from the first book ended. Despite its small flaws and pacing issues, I really enjoyed the first book and it had also ended on a shocking note, so I was really excited and looked forward to reading the sequel.

This is an interesting continuation to the story and has POV' chapters from both Will and Charlotte. The first book centered mostly on Charlotte and we understood her dilemmas and feelings perfectly, but this is mostly centered on Will and their relationship as a whole, giving the much desired complete picture.  

Like the title suggests- This book deals with addiction- Will's to be more precise. The way I interpret it- it's a word play signifying his addictive love for Charlotte as well as his addiction to alcohol. This was not touched in the book and hence this news came as a surprise, but it fits with the overall story. In fact, one of the issues I had with the first book was that Will's backstory was not addressed at all, and somehow, I felt a chunk was missing in it. That problem is completely solved with this book that touches upon not just his addictions, but his upbringing as well as his relationship with his family and jealousy towards his brother. Those parts, especially interactions with his rather dysfunctional family was handled very well. 

Coming to the plot and pacing of the whole book- I have mixed feelings. At pats it was really good, especially how Matt was handled, the proofs that he had gathered and the whole Board that Will and Charlotte were answerable to. These were dire situations and was handled with care, and maturity without dragging it or taking it too casually. It felt very professional and believable. Nothing was sugarcoated as such. I also loved how this impacted their relation and how they were able to fight for each-other even in the muddy-waters. But again, having said that, some scenes really didn't have too much to offer to the overall plot and in fact, it slowed the pace considerably. A lot of such scenes can be trimmed or shortened making the book shorter, without impacting the overall plot.

The sex scenes were written extremely well. I really believe the author really outshines herself with every such intimate scene and kudos to her for achieving that BUT, so many were really not necessary. There was a sex scene almost every one or two chapters. At times it's distracting and hampers the overall reading experience. 

Jumping onto the characters - Both of them got on my nerves on quite a few scenes. Will, to an extent I can understand. He is scared to reveal about his addiction to her because her abusive dad had similar issues and he is scared of her reactions. Point taken. But what's with Charlotte's childishness and insecurities? Will has done everything possible for her - He was ready to leave his practice without any complaints for her sake, and ever ready to marry her, but she had so much insecurities! She was not ready to listen to him, despite telling him repeatedly as to how much he loves her. Throwing a tantrum every single time and getting pissed is clearly not the solution, but she did for most part of the book and it got on nerves. So as a character, she is not my favourite, but I suppose this was required to give the couple lessons to learn and grow from. So for the book, it works - kind of, but I wish she were more sensible and matured. 

As a conclusion, I would say that I enjoyed reading it, though it did bore me at parts. Writing was really good and I loved how realistic it was - Even as it touched upon many sensitive issues. 




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