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Review of One is a Promise

July 14, 2018

 Finally a five star read!!! This book was mindblowing and exactly what I wished to read!! Pam Godwin has secured her place as my new all time fav- author. I am really wondering why it took me so long to learn about her and read her books. And to add to that, this book/ series has already been added to my all time fav- love triangles. Most of my books have some element of love triangle, and are closest to my heart ( I wrote them, so obviously they are my fav). Love Connection series being at the top and this book is right there beside them because in all honesty ( no exaggeration whatsoever), it's THAT good! It has everything I love and want in a book and that too in the PERFECT proportions. Absolutely no weak strings, or points to improve on. I can go ahead and even call it flawless. Let me start with the writing- It's amazing, wonderful and so very beautiful. There are earnest description of emotions and even facial expressions ( THAT scowl of Trace is my FAV). I was literally soaking up the bold and the beautifully painted words. It's one of the best written books. Next comes the story - Though there is no novel element as such ( except for that shocking twist at the end), the way the story unfolded and how it was executed was pretty unique and had me at the edge of my seat the entire time. I loved the whole Connection with dance and music. In fact, even the dance moves were written so brilliantly that I could actually pictxurize the whole act. Kudos to the author for that. The story is completely told from Denni's POV and has chapters from past and present, distributed nicely and balanced well. I can't wait for chapters from Trace and Cole, hopefully will get it the next books;)Full stars for the characterization!! I can't really pick any fav no matter how hard I try. I totally loved our sassy, strong and flirtatious female protagonist - Denni. when I can connect with the characters, the whole journey becomes easy and the book becomes un-putdownable and that' was the case this time!! I loved Denni's banter with Trace and she was never over the top with anything especially her attitude and I loved that about her. Trace was a true joy to read. He was arrogant, protective and snobbish but that's where his true charm lies and I was thoroughly entertained by him and his tactics. His chemistry with Danni was scorching HOT and when they finally got together - It was THAT explosive!! TRue fireworks. That's undoubtedly my most favourite scene and the next is the Hot Balloon one. I so wish to experience that I didn't get that much of Chole as much as I got to see Trace but from what I have gathered, he is an amazing character too, making the choice all the more hard for Denni.I can't get enough of the characters or the story. But thankfully the entire series is available and I am diving into the next book right now. I am super glad that I get to actually 'live' this for two more books.


Six plus sinfully dirty complex stars. LOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!!


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