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Review Of Matricide (The Deliverance Series Book 1)

July 14, 2018



A Suspenseful Read

I was really intrigued by the blurb of the book and after the whole read, I can say that it did deliver with regards to suspense and twists. The story was complete - in the sense that it compassed all the necessary elements that makes for an interesting read but deposited everything, it did have its own flaws. Then again, it's upto the discretion of the reader and what he expects out of the book.I hoped for it to be more of a romance/ psychological thriller but this was more like a pure thriller/ or perhaps a romantic suspense? Not that it wasn't good enough but it could have been better in terms of story execution. Even the closure wasn't very smooth. The writing was crisp and neat but there were too many twists and too much happening because of which it lacked a good flow. 

The story starts off really well with Alyssa killing her husband and confessing to her crimes as the cops arrest her. The book follows Alyssa's story post the murder with flashbacks telling the story of the reason behind the crime that she committeed. the alternate past and present with short chapters from both her and Luke's ( her doctor's) POV really works for this story and adds to the suspense. 
What I loved the most about this book is how there is always a sense of fear, anxiety and suspense embedded in every chapter. This is prominent till the very end BUT what was kept very realistic up until at least 90% of the book loses steam towards the last 10%. Too much happens and may things are thrown at our face to an extent that it becomes too much to take in. If a more neater and detailed explanation were to have been provided, it could have make up for a rather shocking but unbelievable turn of events. It honestly felt that it was just added to provide for a HEA but it kind of felt flat and just too convenient!! Though it did tie up all the loose ends, it wasn't done in a satisfactory manner. But nevertheless, over-all it was an enjoyable read. This is my second read of the author. (First being Siren) and I will surely be reading more of her books :) 


4 Suspenseful Stars 


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