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Review of One True Loves

June 24, 2018

This was a really sweet read. It was on my 'to-read' for a very long time but finally I sat down with it. I knew it would be a love triangle with a touch of tragedy, but it was so much more!! This story was handled with a level of maturity and seriousness that I hadn't come across in any other recent books that I have read. There was no over-the-top drama and everything seemed fairly realistic given the settings.
The writing was fresh and quite unqiue. The author's signature style is spread throughout the book. This is a very creative style of writing a book - with clear categorisation between the 'before' and 'after'. And though there was not much drama as such in the book, the writing was so fluid with perfect pacing that, it made up for the whole 'drama' quotient. It was never boring, and though it wasn't that unpredictable, there were a lot of new flavours and changes happening to keep my interest intact. The dialogues are a definite plus. They ring so true and strikes one's heart. I have a lot of highlights and it's something I am sure that I will be reminiscing from time to time. I also love that the whole focus was not just on how Emma and her lovers( ex-husband and fiance) but also on her family ( sister and parents) as well as her desires, personality, dreams finally touching upon how much she has changed and how much this 'change' can influence onces life and choices they make. In a nutshell, it wasn't about choosing between Sam and Jesse for Emma but more about choosing the kind of she is present she is in the present and how she wishes to live. This is a new take at love triangles and I really loved this idea and concept. The circumstances and even her final choice made perfect sense. I loved the sweet, simple and yet beautiful way the book ended.
Another point to highlight is how her grief over losing Jesse ( when he died) and how she got over the same was described. Many years spanned in thsoe few chapters and they were written in second person. The whole book is in first person except for those few chapters and it seemed fitting and apt. Her grief was so palpable. I loved this tactic the author used to do it differently.
My only complaint ( rather wish) is for this book to have had more steamy scenes. It would really bring out the love, passion, craving and angst much more powerfully. But nevertheless, I still enjoyed it :)


4 Thoughtful stars 



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