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Review of Psychopath's Prey

April 18, 2018


Amazing!! Super-awesome!!! Mind-blowing and mind-boggling!!! This is undoubtedly the BEST book of 2018 for me and it belongs the genre I love the most - psychological romance and it's Crazy in a perfect way and I loved it!! I totally savored the book from start to finish.
The best part of this crazy' romance/ chase between a serial killer and a criminal psychologist is just how unpredictable is!! There are tons of twists and turns up until the very last page! and though I did manage to figure out two to three of them, it didn't take away the fun of this book, in fact it hooked me more! This book is best enjoyed when one doesn’t have a single clue of what to expect rather than what's been told in the blurb. It says quite a bit without saying much and it's perfect that way. 
When I review a book with a critical eye, I usually have issue with the pace, flow, transitions, character growth and the small details, and for this book, Everything was as close to perfect as it could get. Despite being a story of a serial killer, I was able to understand his motives and that's because the author was able to dive into his head, and explain everything he thought we so much clarity!! She is truly a genius for such kind of stories and settings!! Ella - the main protagonist of the story is a strong and smart woman, and I could easily connect with her character!! The story is as tragic as it is beautiful, smart and thrilling. That's a very rare combination. Also, there is not a single page in the book that's boring. It's hot, exciting and chilling at the same time. It's told in dual POV and has chapters from the past both in Ella's and 'psychopath's POV, that gives a complete picture, without any room for loopholes or inconsistencies.
This is a must read for anyone who loves such mind boggling, psychological thrillers and who can accept the stories and characters with an open mind! 
And also the book is laced with fear and tortuous methods, but it's not graphical depicted, but it scares us nevertheless. So even those parts are handled very well with never going overboard with anything.
Five suspenseful stars and more

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