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Review Of You're The One I Don't Want

November 16, 2018

This was book like a breath of fresh air for me and something light hearted and sweet - prefect for the book hangover I had to endure post reading Heartbreak Warfare. And I really like this one, and had a gala, cheerful time reading this. I will break my review into different sections and lay my thought accordingly.
Storyline - This is a hate turned to love kind of story and there was no too much hatred or evil intents from either if the two (Boone and Anna), it was still refreshingly different. And the so called hatred was birthed from how their earlier high-school relationship had ended with Anna cheating on him. That's what set this story different from other enemy to lovers stories. Looking past one's previous mistake and giving it another shot Is not an easy feat to achieve especially for college goers. The way these two communicate, begin trust one another and get together forms the crux of the story and though it seems pretty simple, there are other elements to it - Like their parental issues and till date they are affected by it. So overall, it was shown very realistically keeping in mind the maturity and mindsets of the protagonists. And another interesting aspect about the books was the importance given to their professions - baseball and interior designing. They were given the due importance and also helped shaping their personalities instead of just pushing the story forward. So cookie point to the author for taking a different and unique route where careers are concerned.
Characters: I loved them both - They weren't ideal or perfect role models. Simple college goes, learning from their mistakes and stringing to be better. I especially loved Anna. She is very different from the usual female leads I encounter in most of the books. Her sassy attitude, icy demeanor and fierce stream of being so independent and successful sets her apart from rest and makes her so unique and fun to read about. it's not like she is bad but she's not easy to deal with and as Boone says - a drama queen but very engaging. For me, she was the best aspect of this book. I totally understood the reasons behind her actions and though I knew it wasn't the best course of action, I could still see where she was coming from. So yeah, though I didn't lover her as such, I really enjoyed reading about her and was always curious about how she will handle things and what she'll be doing next. Hats off to Boone for calling spade a spade and bearing with her at every turn. IT wasn't easy and I get why he would be so frustrated and angry but he still stuck with her and I loved his loyalty. He saw through her icy demeanor and embraced her vulnerabilities! I liked Boone a lot. There was nothing that particularly stood out about him but he was a non cocky star athlete - I liked that and also very warm, mature, understanding, lovable and so very patient. I was rooting for him right from the start. 
The side characters were also very fun and together try made a great bunch !! I am very curious to read Cain's story next;) Though I know how it will end, I loved him and Harper, so will surely be checking that out.
Relationship Dynamics - They formed a cute couple. Complementing and also completing one another. I loved the sex scenes between them too - Nothing too graphic and yet it was sexy and sweet for them and matched their chemistry.
Writing and pacing : This book was not too lengthy and for it's length, the pacing was perfect and it never felt like it was being dragged. The chapters were short and to the point. There were not much of fillers and every element that was addressed was explored thoroughly and even the ending was happy and satisfactory. No character of element was ignored and it all added up nicely towards the end. The writing and flow was smooth and I also learned few North American terms that I hadn't come across in other books. Another plus was that I got a very picture about life in Texas- especially Austin. The book made me actually visit the place and check it out myself;)
So overall I would give this book 4 -4.5 stars. It was an enjoyable and fun read.


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