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Review Of A Lesson In Thorns

March 25, 2019


OMG?! What did I just read?! This book is hands down the most unconventional, highly unique and bizarre (in a positive way of course) book that I have ever read. This blew my mind in unexplainable ways and I am still trying to digest the happenings being very open minded. 
My review for this book is also going to be rather unique without touching upon the actual storyline because this book is best experienced by taking a dive with blindfolds. The blurb set up lure of a mysterious story and it was very intriguing. This author is new for me, so without any clue I just jumped into it and what a ride it was.... mesmerizing yet delusional. Enticing yet taboo, poetic yet crazy. It was a mic of everything - taboo, mystery, love, sex, romance, action, BDSM and amidst all this there was still an undercurrent of mystery just waiting to be unearthed. I was left speechless because as much as it shocked and kind of repulsed me (I was totally unaware of all the elements it contained)I couldn't keep it down. it's quite a big book and was so entranced by it that I managed to complete it in two sittings. For me that says a lot about the kind of power this book had on me. 
It's very hard to guess the events in this book. I wasn't able to figure out the directions it took and what it was leading to all along. It's mind boggling especially when it comes to unique plot elements and the sequence of events. I was 95% into the book and still was completely clueless about how it would end. And though it was a cliffhanger per se, I can easily agree that three more books are required for this story and all the underlying mysteries to be resolved. 
It's written both in first person (Delphine) and also third person narrative, and that's the main beauty of this book. Though I am not a fan of third person narrative, the author has written so exceptionally well that not only did I love the writing, I'm in awe of her style and talent! It's truly amazing and so lyrical and poetic. Coming to the characters - Though Delphine appears to be the main character that we follow, all 6 of them are equally important and this is all their story. And these characters just like the story are unique, mysterious yet very intimidating. I didn't love or dislike anyone but all of them held my interest and I was waiting on baited breath to see what crazy stuff they will do next. Everything is so tangled up in this story and so far from 'normal' that one must brave it with a very open mind to really embrace and enjoy it. Though I wouldn't call it paranormal, it's kind of hinted at places that there may be some other force at play but there is no proof for the same. But I did like the religious/philosophical/mystical connection to Thornchapel the characters had. That was the Crux of the story after all. 
Another plus of this book - The intimacy scenes. They are sooo damn Hot and there are possible variants of the same (I didn't see it coming but considering how crazy the characters are, it shouldn't be that surprising) with even kink thrown into the mix, which is more like a cherry ok the top making for a delicious dessert indeed. I really can't say anything more about the book - it's one super crazy yet sensous read that one must enjoy with a very open mind. 
I am going with 4.5 stars only because I wanted a little more focus on the actual dark and mystery elements and also, I had hoped for the ending to be a bit more dramatic ( even a cliffhanger would have have been perfect)


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