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Review Of Enzo

January 28, 2019

This was a hot, sexy, short and sweet read. It was very engaging right from the start and offered a unique taboo tale that depsite being short and sweet had a lot of depth and those toe curling and hot warming moments. 
This is the story of Jenna (a foster child moving from one foster home to another) and Enzo (her social worker) and not to forget - Cora (an infant in foster care) who is not blood related to Jenna but whom Jenna treats like her very own and becomes her mother in the real sense though she is a mere teenager. The relation between Jenna and Cora is the most beautiful part of this book. It's so real, true, and deep. Built out of hardship but strong enough to sustain various ups and downs and the obstacles thrown their way. And Enzo supports them in every way possible, never hesitating to break the rules and go a step forward to ensure their protection.
Though this is classified as a taboo read the taboo element of this book is not much highlighted, doesn't stand out per se and is not the Cruz of the story. In fact, I can host ahead and even tell that it's Cora and Jenna's bond that is Central to tell story though Enzo plays a strong and important role in their life. The love that blossoms between the two is definitely completely believable and they are very good together but somehow it's not given that importance and neither is the taboo element explored that well. Except for the age Gap between then it's not all that taboo but it does start out that way. 
Again, it's not to say it wasn't a good read or it was missing something. The love between Cora and Jenna and the difficulties they had to face well compensated for the lack of turmoil or drama in the love story between Enzo and Jenna. Though it was quite a smooth sailing for our leads protagonists, this book mainly stands out as Jenna's story as a individual with Enzo taking the back seat to support her in every way. There wasn't any edge of the seat drama or heated moments, and the ending was very predictable but that doesn't take away the fun from the story. And once again K Webster definitely gets full points for all the sex scene. They are smoking hot like always and just perfect. In fact, even the initial attraction between Enzo and Jenna and the way they get closer is also shown very realistically and beautifully.
Overall it was entertainment, sweet and heart warming read with cameo appearances from other characters in the taboo romance world of K.Webster!!!

4 Hot n Sweet stars :)



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