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Review of The Wishing Well

May 23, 2018


After having gathered by bearings, and still reeling over the the book, I am back here to write my review. I forget to save my last review and I lost.Ahhhh..never mind. I loved this book soooo much that I don't mind writing the review all over again by adding new touch and flavour to it. 
This book was Aaaaaamzing. A perfect combo of suspense, love and tragedy. What a beautiful combination with 100% justice being done to every element. I knew from the blurb that this book has a lot of POTENTIAL but it was only when I started it out reading third person POV of the whole jail interview and the POV of Vincent and Penelope did I realise that it will meet all my expectations and even go beyond that
The story line was compelling, so very different, unique and the settings were so interesting. I was hooked from the very first chapter. It is done so artistically and presented in a non-linear fashion with cross-cutting of past and present. It doens't let out attention waver and as many answers that it provides, it bring about even more questions. Some that will surely leave us spell-bounded. That's the beauty of this book. Though is more like a suspense or a mystery, in its crux it's a love story of a maiden, prince and a beast. The most amazing and shockkng factor is who plays what role. What meets our eyes initially is just the tip of the iceberg but what truly lies underneath is something we learn only towards the end of the book. The twistsqnd turns are so many that until the very last page, we will be at the edge of our seats, biting our nails, tempted to make that one wish by throwing a penny into that wishing well, hoping for the ending that we desire. And I think the author in that sense, has done justice to the story, especially with the ending again, in the most tragic, heart wrenching way but it's nonetheless beautiful.
All the three imp characters as far as the flashback is concerned ( wherein lies the main story) are super amazing and out-of-state this world, awesome. My fav being Vincent, who not so surprisingly got promoted to being my book boyfriends?! He is such a peculiar yet charming character, who is also a murderer ( not to forget) and yet one can't help but feel attracted to him just like our Penelope, who tries damn hard to not fall for him BUT hardly anyone escapes his charm or his traps for that matter. He wansf a nice and honorabl guy ( the kind we are used to read) but he is snotty, egoistic, always acts cool..and yet I loved him, his tactics and mannerisms. Penny is easily relatable and I don't condemn her for any of her actions. She was not submissive, she always fought and towards the end, she became smart too. Coming to Maurice, I don't want to give away more ( might become spoiler) but all I can say is he is a mysterious and most vulnerable beast whose addition quite literally changed the whole storyline and I loved his addition to the equation.
I have to make a special mention of the writing. It was fluid poetry, magic been conjured with every word, creating a beautiful painting of this tragic perfectly timed fairytale. I loved her writing sooooo much. She is so talented and gifted with her words, I am awe of her descriptions. I have highlighted so many paras. Her writing skills really takes this book to an all new level. Another movie material for sure.
I also loves the whole fairy-tale and timing references here. Though there is quite a bit of coincidence especially towards THAT event, her explanation for the same is tangible and something that can be accepted. I am so glad she addresses all that without letting it become a loophole.
ALl in all, a super awesome read, my top fav of 2018. 

  Five mystical fairy-tale stars 

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